Dear “educate yourself” brigade, we…

A Twitter thread by @ladyduckpojok

Dear “educate yourself” brigade, we have and if anything we are more conhinced than ever than female ppl exist as a coherent sex class, have rights that can exclude Read more

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Which group of people are…

A Twitter thread by @hatpinwoman

Which group of people are ostracised from feminist spaces, shamed, called bad people and made to be afraid by many who consider themselves progressive?

A) women who believe in Read more

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Today, because #WeWillBeHeard A list!…

A Twitter thread by @therestofus5

Today, because #WeWillBeHeard A list! For the more impressionable (we get it, we’ve all had to work through stuff) amongst us:

1. If a man wants to be like Read more

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Some thoughts on respect and…

A Twitter thread by @elizamondegreen

Some thoughts on respect and recognition and social movements…

Respect is rooted in recognition: recognition of what’s shared and recognition of differences, where these differences matter.

The women’s rights Read more

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‘Centre trans voices,’ they say….

A Twitter thread by @Lachlan_Edi

‘Centre trans voices,’ they say. ‘Speak to trans people. Listen.’

I have. For years now.

Admittedly, more so than ever before over the last three or four years.

And Read more

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TRA Greatest Hits™️ 1. “Let…

A Twitter thread by @feminist_RACHEL

TRA Greatest Hits™️

1. “Let me tell you all about my girldick, also why are terfs so obsessed with genitals”

2. “Uterus-havers & prostate owners should stop reducing people Read more

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So there’s a lot of…

A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

So there’s a lot of the “cis/trans is just like gay/straight, it’s just a label, why are you such a bigot?” bs doing the rounds at the moment. No, Read more

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If TRAs wanted rights, facilities,…

A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

If TRAs wanted rights, facilities, social acceptance for trans people, they’d have acknowledged the conflict and worked something out years ago.

They don’t. They want to colonise women. Don’t Read more

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