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A Twitter thread by @ladyduckpojok

This comes as a response to a ideology (that you unquestioningly support) that asserts that being born female is largely irrelevant and that oppression is on the basis of gender. It is false. The female sex is the main target of exploitation, which is eminently clear when it

Comes to the Taliban (women as vessel devoid of personhood) and gender roles are the means by which women are kept in position of subordination. Gender non conforming males and female would of course be punished too by the Taliban as a by-product of the main exploitation

which is sex based. It is because gender non conformity disrupt the gendered system put in place to primarily exploit women’s reproductive labour and put men on top. Women can not identify out of being females in Afghanistan. They simply can not.

If you don’t understand the mechanism of female exploitation BY gender as a means to extract labour and children (material ressources) from females by males, you can not understand the other type of discrimination. Trans /gender non conforming ppl are punished but not exploited

By these systems as no labour or material resources are extracted from them. The targets are women.

As a last note: The transgender mvt in the west is not gender non-conforming, as it reifies it (instead of disrupting it) by saying that the gender one performs MAKES one a woman or a man. It essentialises the patriarchal system of gender instead of opposing it. It’s patriarchy.

Last thing (promise) : The taliban do dress up boys in feminine attire to make them sing and dance for them as females are not allowed to sing and dance. Make of this what you will.