I say #NoThankYou too: To…

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A Twitter thread by @Mocha_SouI

I say #NoThankYou too:
To conflating “gender” with sex to the extent it moves the concept of gender away from the social mechanism which keeps women subordinated in society.

Women aren’t a mere identity. We are specific sexed humans: *female* humans.
#PeakMisogyny to attempt to change the very meanings of words in order prevent us from talking about ourselves or refer to us as if we were reduced to our reproductive functions or organs.

Women have the right to meet on our own and organise exclusively in our shared interests for whatever reason. Stop trying to stop us. It’s not stopped us.

No woman is a subset of women. I’m a woman because I am female. My ancestors didn’t not need the Portuguese to arrive in their shores to find out what sex is.
#NoThankYou to the racism and the colonial mindset that has black women put on a par with males.

To laws, rules and policies being discussed and decided without suitable women’s representation present and impact assessments on women and girls made.

To male violence against women and girls. #NoThankYou to promoting #VAWG. #NoThankYou to turning a blind eye to #VAWG. #NoThankYou to consistently failing to implement all that is necessary to tackle it. Women have written extensively about what is needed.

#NoThankYou to *gender identity*.
I haven’t spent most of my life struggling against the legacies of the *negroid* identity imposed on my ancestors to usurp and exploit to now stand by as the notion that the trappings of women’s subordination are embedded in my brain is promoted.

#NoThankYou to taking away from women the right to analyse our collective lives and important tools women need to study what happens to us in society, such as sex segregated recorded data.

#NoThankYou to unions promoting and applauding the monstering of women who voice inconvenient truths about women’s lives, laws, rules, policies and ideologies that harm women or want to study aspects of societal misogyny.
What the hell are you on?

#NoThankYou to print or audiovisual media hiding important facts or ostracising women journalists for uncovering facts and truths about people, organisations, policies that harm women.
#NoThankYou to social media silencing of women.

#NoThankYou to the homophobia that accompanies the latest gender orthodoxy. Solidarity to my lesbian sisters and their brothers. Some of us saw through it as soon as we became aware of it. We’re with you.

#NoThankYou to misogyny disguised as inclusion, equality or social justice.

#NoThankYou to the deliberate confusing of separatism with segregation that is used to prevent women from achieving much needed consciousness of the misogyny that surrounds us.

Thank you for saying it, Sarah.