Nothing in gender ideology works…

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A Twitter thread by @OptimistiCynic

Nothing in gender ideology works as a theory of sexuality in the real world. If we say a gay man must now be classed as same gender attracted that would imply a masculine person (not necessarily male) attracted to another masculine person (not necessarily male).

Except we know the cliché of a gay man is someone who’s effeminate. And we know that some feminine gay men are attracted to feminine men, some to masculine men, some to both. So same gender attracted just doesn’t work in the real world.

So they must actually mean same gender-identity attracted. So someone who identifies as a man attracted to another person who identifies as a man. Except we’re constantly told gender is a spectrum and not limited to man or woman or necessarily defined in that way anymore.

There are supposedly 120 and counting different gender identities, so does that mean a gendervoid neutrois would only be considered gay if they were attracted to other gendervoid neutrois people? What’s opposite to gendervoid neutrois if you’re opposite gender attracted?

Are a female non-binary person and a male non-binary person in a gay relationship? How does this attraction work if we don’t know what gender identity someone might have until they tell us? How would I even know if I was gay or straight in that case?

What about the vast majority of people who don’t have a gender identity? What happens to them? I know we should call them “cis” but I also know if a “cis woman” said she was only attracted to other “cis women” they’d be labelled a bigot and a transphobe.

Except if you insist that their gender identity is cisgender, and you insist that a gay person is actually same gender/gender identity attracted, then they’re simply following your own rules. But those aren’t the rules, are they?

The rules are that a lesbian is a person who identifies as a woman attracted to another person who identifies as a woman, regardless of their gender identity being cis or trans or their gender being masculine or feminine. So how can this be considered same gender attracted?

And what is a woman identity anyway? So far no one’s been able to come up with a single, repeatable definition of a woman beyond biological sex. So what are they identifying with and what are they actually attracted to? At this point, who the fuck knows.