Day 2, 02/01/2020 More on…

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Day 2, 02/01/2020

More on child marriage:

As soon as puberty hits and girls have their menarche, girls might be expelled from their homes during their periods or being kept in period huts:

Teen pregnancy is another huge global issue not properly addressed:

Females who survive to adulthood safe from these practices can come across Period Stigma:

Period stigma can also affect females in all classes and in different ways:

Periods are an issue to many female children or teens, who are missing school for not affording menstrual pads:

Breast ironing/flattening, girls have their breasts flattened with heated rocks to look like boys for longer and avoid rape:

Females should decide if they want children and when. No contraceptive is 100% effective and sexual abuse is rampant, resulting in unplanned pregnancies. Few countries have proper abortions rights. New Zealand is a developed country still debating it:

Ireland, another developed country, has approved abortions rights in 2019. Most countries with economical struggles do not allow abortions:

El Salvador case: country with one of the worst abortion laws in the world: