Dear “educate yourself” brigade, we…

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Dear “educate yourself” brigade, we have and if anything we are more conhinced than ever than female ppl exist as a coherent sex class, have rights that can exclude male ppl, that gender is a patriarchal imposition that should be discarded as much as possible.

On the sex binary

On toilets

In sex and gender identity

On the law

On prisons

On treatments for gender non conforming kids

On the lady brain

On crimes

On suicide and violence stats

More on the suicide stats

On why identity politics is a inefficient tool to fight oppression.

On murder rates

On bad anthropology and the two spirits

On all the above

On sport

On sport

More on UK murder rates.

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Please add any resource, article, peer reviewed paper you came across while you “educated yourself” on the subject.

Also, in case you believe none of this matters because the trans rights lobby does not want to diminish women’s rights, look at this:

And believe ppl when they tell you who they are.

On sex-selfID and the damage to women’s rights

more on sport and the effect of testosterone

on persistence and desistance in gender dysphoric children

and another one on desistance

one of my favourite: Do women exist?

and how it all unfolded by the inimitable @janeclarejones
(Yes I need to get on with the french translation!)

On the history of transsexualism

And on queer theory and its justification for peadophilia by @PankhurstEM

Another one on the neuroscience of dysphoria.

A late addition on the media capture from @STILLTish

And on the money behind it by @bjportraits

More on US murder rates

On bad science

On the sex binary

On effects of puberty blockers, by the Tavi itself: it shows no increase in bone density in growing adolescents,
frames it as good news while ignoring the fact that BMD should increase rapidly during teenage years, not stagnate.

On the political erasure of sex in law and data

On how sex selfID laws undermine women’s rights