Which group of people are…

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A Twitter thread by @hatpinwoman

Which group of people are ostracised from feminist spaces, shamed, called bad people and made to be afraid by many who consider themselves progressive?

A) women who believe in the reality of biological sex

B) male sex offenders(if they have a new personal sense of identity)

Which group of people are considered hateful, harmful and unacceptable by progressives

A) homosexuals

B) those who call homosexual men and women “genital fetishists” and try to make them change their sexuality

Which group are considered privileged and entitled by progressive people

A) rape survivors who want female only spaces to heal in

B) people who called themselves men only yesterday and now want women to have no such female only spaces on earth

Who do progressives consider to be being unreasonable?

A) women who don’t want to be called dehumanising names

B) those who call women menstruating non prostate owners with a cervix and call black women “black birthing bodies” and then get angry when they don’t like it.

Which of these would a progressive person think was more just?

A) getting a woman fired for thinking sports should be sex segregated

B) giving girls and women sex segregated sports

When you see women being threatened with rape&murder, piled on or subject to other forms of abuse for being “Terfy”, what is the best response

A) join in.Those white cis ‘bitches’ have it coming

B) tell the people this behaviour isn’t ok and/or message her to check on her

If a woman is raped by someone who later transitions and doesn’t call her rapist “she” what would be the best response?

A) call her a bigot and remove her support networks

B) support her and protect her and not demand she coddle her rapists feelings over her own well-being

Is someone who attacks and denigrates women and gay people while denying them their own spaces, any safeguarding and any distinct language around their specific experiences?