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A Twitter thread by @hatpinwoman

I finished reading Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies. It was quite gruelling to read.

Here are some things women should know:

There is NO aspect of being female or perceived as feminine that is too mundane or too terrible for an autogynephilic transsexual to find sexually arousing.

To me,this explains the rage towards women when we say no to opening up our spaces or disagree with what’s being done in the name of “civil rights”. It seems at least superficially comparable to the rage nontransexual males sometimes display when we say no to having sex with them

Just a few of the things specifically spoken of as sexually arousing in the book, by autogynephilic transsexuals themselves: changing paperwork markers to F, being in female spaces, getting nails done, being raped or gang raped,

being the only male in a room of women, being submissive to a man, being a housewife, performing stereotypical femininity, being a sex slave, getting a Pap smear, having female nurses perform their sexual reassignment surgery, being made to wear women’s clothes by women,

Imagining being pregnant, menstruating or lactating, wearing “women’s” clothes/underwear, imagining having grown up as a little girl, showering in women’s spaces surrounded by women and “belonging” there legally, using a feminine name, having a feminine voice, tossing one’s hair,

Being a trophy wife,being submissive to a “masculine” lesbian, taking the pill,living a “regular daily life of a woman”,being in a lesbian relationship(not for the chance to have sex with a woman according to one informant but to get the opportunity to play the role of a lesbian)

It is a seemingly endless list. Think of anything associated with women, or any instrinsic part of our biology and it is, rather worryingly, apparently arousing. This book starkly illustrates a reality that people are unwilling or unable to comprehend

In doing so it also rather makes clear, without ever mentioning this fact, that the modern gender movement is being driven by people’s total lack of comprehension of all this combined with the social elevation of a particularly powerful paraphilia.

This leads me to another point of interest.Anecdotally,I know of several transwomen who had very high testosterone before starting treatment which would seem counterintuitive.Except, if you understand autogynephilia as the off shoot of a male sex drive it suddenly makes sense.

This is also why, in some cases and before an autogynephile has developed a deep affinity with their ‘female’ persona medication that causes testosterone reduction can eliminate their desire for transition, according to Anne Lawrence in this book.

This seems crucial. It goes to the title,too. Paraphilias are rarely seen in women,&even beyond autogynephilia,these patients often have clusters of paraphilias.Understanding them through memes such as being women trapped in men’s bodies, then,is increasingly nonsensical

As is suggesting women have autogynephilia when you actually understand what autogynephilia looks like from the testimony of those who tell us they have it. Women, don’t for example, as we read about here, masturbate in mirrors because they are thrilled they have female bodies 🤷‍♀️

Other key points include the fact that though autogynephilic transsexualism is the predominant form of transsexualism seen in western countries, homosexual transsexualism which is more commonly seen globally is a completely different kettle of fish and is not comparable.

(Side note:despite the general feeling that autogynephilia itself is an especially western phenomenon there’s a suggestion in this book that it’s actually in evidence throughout the world but that western countries,with their individualism,uniquely allow for it to become visible)

It is also worth noting that a lot of “chasers” as we would call them colloquially are autogynephiles as well. This may explain some of the vindictive hostility to women seen from some male “allies” too. It is *personal* to them that we are raising questions.

I thought Lawrence did a remarkable job with this book and even as a woman mired in this debate, exhausted by the horrors inflicted on women who want us to be recognised as people, I still felt incredibly sorry for the life toll of autogynephilia on those who have it.

As well as on those around them who can suffer immensely.And on all of us now.Lawrence presented evidence that autogynephilia, while often manifesting at adolescence also often manifests much earlier,as young as 3,when access to porn or a sexual cultural influence seem unlikely

This makes it clear that something is likely going on beyond our current understanding and that if this was a less controversial area then proper research could stand to help patients immensely, both with their paraphilia and with managing it.

I believe that the people around these patients,as well as society at large,have a moral obligation to ground this discussion in reality&refuse to allow the abuse&denigration of women.

This is our responsibility because it is in our power

Currently,society is failing to do this