It used to be that…

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A Twitter thread by @ladyduckpojok

It used to be that ppl who were deemed soulless (women, black ppl) were not granted civil rights and treated like full human beings.

Do people without gender identity deserve those rights under the new gender religion? It appears not.

In the gender religion holy book, a woman who defines herself as a biological female is reducing herself, she is merely a “useless flesh meant for breeding”.
As long as she rejects the man made gender invention, she can not be respected as a human being.

It is men positioning themselves as gods (again), telling others that their patriarchal invention of a magic (gendered) soul that transcends the body is what makes them humans, citizens, worthy of respect.

It is their creation (femininity, masculinity, soul) that is worthy of respect, not the living, breathing, birthing, loving, running, laughing being made of flesh and blood.

They worship lifeless, rigid ideas over life itself and impose them with violence.

It’s a death cult.