THREAD “I don’t care what’s…

A Twitter thread by @CSockpuppet


“I don’t care what’s between people’s legs.”

That assertion – heard so often from the Other Side — bothers me. Every time. Gives me a frisson of doubt. Read more

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I finished reading Men Trapped…

A Twitter thread by @hatpinwoman

I finished reading Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies. It was quite gruelling to read.

Here are some things women should know:

There is NO aspect of being female or Read more

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It used to be that…

A Twitter thread by @ladyduckpojok

It used to be that ppl who were deemed soulless (women, black ppl) were not granted civil rights and treated like full human beings.

Do people without gender identity Read more

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Let’s talk about the transgender…

A Twitter thread by @WomenReadWomen

Let’s talk about the transgender connection to anime, porn, pedophilia, and autogynephilia. If you have the courage, search “futa porn.” This is significant to those with anime avatars that Read more

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