Men demanding women treat males…

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A Twitter thread by @ladyduckpojok

Men demanding women treat males as women if they so wish and include them in our feminism, kill several birds with one stone:

– feminine men cease to be men and therefore are not “their problem” to deal with. They don’t have to help them in any way. It becomes women’s labour.

– the idea of masculinity by which they define themselves and that places them at the top of the social hierarchy remains intact. They entrench the oppressive system of gender that underpins male supremacy.

– they regain full control on the political, social & legal spheres by colonising our hard fought for political short-lists, female safe spaces and sports and redefining “woman” in law to include any man who opts in.

– they destroy the women’s liberation movement once and for all by redefining the category for which and by which this movement was created. They politically erase women’s common characteristic (our female body) in order to render our common struggle and solidarity impossible.

It’s a win-win for patriarchy. It goes beyond men’s wildest dreams, beyond the bastardisation of 3rd wave feminism by the neoliberal fallacy of women’s “agency” to be an object, a resource for men’s consumption.
It goes beyond any other masculinist movement.
Women say NO.