Today, because #WeWillBeHeard A list!…

A Twitter thread by @therestofus5

Today, because #WeWillBeHeard A list! For the more impressionable (we get it, we’ve all had to work through stuff) amongst us:

1. If a man wants to be like Read more

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Men demanding women treat males…

A Twitter thread by @ladyduckpojok

Men demanding women treat males as women if they so wish and include them in our feminism, kill several birds with one stone:

– feminine men cease to be Read more

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So, about Grace Lavery. A…

A Twitter thread by @janeclarejones

So, about Grace Lavery. A little epistolary tale on egregious narcissism….

In 2018, a Queer Studies professor at Penn State called Christopher Reed, published a document on his university Read more

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