‘Centre trans voices,’ they say….

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A Twitter thread by @Lachlan_Edi

‘Centre trans voices,’ they say. ‘Speak to trans people. Listen.’

I have. For years now.

Admittedly, more so than ever before over the last three or four years.

And I found trans people to be as diverse and varied as was to be expected.

Trans people do not all think alike.

Trans people do not all agree with each other. Not on what is required of a campaign for rights and acceptance. Not on what it means to be trans. Not even on who is and who is not trans.

Everyone brings their own standpoint, uniquely informed by their own life and experience.

Some trans people regret their transition. Many more do not.

Many make cross sex socialisation efforts. Some don’t.

Some are mindful of others’ rights and concerns. Others are not.

Most I’ve spoken to distinguish between sex and gender, acutely aware of their own sex.

Many believe medical interventions are necessary and defining. All seem to believe in tailored, sensitive healthcare services.

Very few want to acquire access to a woman’s prison or a DV refuge with most hoping they’ll live out their entire lives without either accommodation.

And I am left to wonder:

Why do the likes of Stonewall, LGBT Labour, Mermaids and all the rest repeatedly represent communities of diverse, dissenting trans people as a single homogenous bloc of gender conforming, ever suicidal, group thinking people?

It’s not nearly accurate.

When they say, ‘Listen to trans people’ they really mean ‘listen to these trans people who agree with us’.

On the others, they unleash through facilitation and absence of challenge or correction the social media onslaughts: quisling, truscum, Terf Pet and transphobic insult.

In the battles for lesbian and gay liberation we didn’t do that: we acknowledged each other – even in our diversity – and we found common cause.

Our progress was rapid but it was staged. Age of consent came in three stages. Marriage came in two.

Last week’s announcement is rightly cheered as reflecting an acknowledgement of women’s concerns.

It is also a big step forward for trans rights. A few, like the GIRES fella have acknowledged it as such. But not Stonewall. Not LGBT Labour.

They’re ploughing on.

They’re showing us who they are.

Unrepresentative, self appointed authoritarians hell bent on removing the measures and mechanisms that many, many women deem to be essential safeguards.

We see them.

They should have listened to a few more trans people.