TRA Greatest Hits™️ 1. “Let…

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A Twitter thread by @feminist_RACHEL

TRA Greatest Hits™️

1. “Let me tell you all about my girldick, also why are terfs so obsessed with genitals”

2. “Uterus-havers & prostate owners should stop reducing people to body parts”

3. “Transwomen are women, also it’s literally impossible to define the word ‘women’”


4. “No one is saying biological sex doesn’t exist, also sex is a social construct invented by white colonialists”

5. “Sex & gender are not the same thing, also there is literally no difference between a woman & a transwoman”


6. “It’s not about stereotypes, also that boy likes to wear dresses & play with dolls so she is obviously a trans girl”

7. “Terfs are racists, also black women have so much more testosterone than white women that they’re more like men than women”


8. “Trans people are who they say they are, also Jessica Yaniv isn’t a real trans”

9. “It’s bigoted transmedicalism to say trans people need to physically transition, also no man would ever go to the trouble of transitioning just to take advantage of women”


10. “Expecting transwomen to pass is transphobic, also you’ve been using the bathroom with transwomen forever, you just couldn’t tell”

11. “It’s not feminist to criticize a transwoman’s appearance, also terfs are just jealous of transwomen because they’re ugly lol”


12. “It’s transphobic to say trans people have to suffer from dysphoria to be trans, also if you refer to biological sex trans people will kill themselves en masse because of dysphoria”


13. “Saying biological sex exists is literal violence that literally causes men to murder trans people, also saying terfs deserve to get beaten, raped, tortured, mutilated, & murdered is harmless lol”


14. “Conversion therapy is evil, also gender-nonconforming homosexual kids should be turned into straight trans kids”

15. “I’m not attracted to genitals, now let me explain why you’re a bigot if you won’t fuck mine”