‘Centre trans voices,’ they say….

A Twitter thread by @Lachlan_Edi

‘Centre trans voices,’ they say. ‘Speak to trans people. Listen.’

I have. For years now.

Admittedly, more so than ever before over the last three or four years.

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I’ve seen what porn can…

A Twitter thread by @hatpinwoman

I’ve seen what porn can do in relationships. The dehumanising ways men who become obsessed with it treat women. I’ve heard from those women about their rapes, about their Read more

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@kejames @intersexfacts @lingering17 @HumanGayMale Sex…

A Twitter thread by @FondOfBeetles

Sex is a system, a mechanism, a process to make new individuals (reproduction). It is binary. It is binary in every species that practises it – almost all complex Read more

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TRA Greatest Hits™️ 1. “Let…

A Twitter thread by @feminist_RACHEL

TRA Greatest Hits™️

1. “Let me tell you all about my girldick, also why are terfs so obsessed with genitals”

2. “Uterus-havers & prostate owners should stop reducing people Read more

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I keep returning to interrogate…

A Twitter thread by @freedomfem

I keep returning to interrogate the line of logic taken to contest trans racialism whilst defending transgenderism, but no one can distinguish between the two without relying on gender Read more

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