Yeah, actually perhaps every politician…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Yeah, actually perhaps every politician who supports allowing males to identify as women could show us the courage of their convictions by taking a trip on an aircraft with someone who identifies as a pilot at the controls. (I won’t say ‘flown by’).

It’ll be perfectly safe, I promise. A pilot is anyone who identifies as a pilot, and a wing stall is a social construction.

Of course the pilot will have a nice uniform, with wings on the breast pocket. What matters is that he (because pilots are MEN) is read as a pilot.

As long as he says the magic words “I am a pilot”, and truly believes it, the mojo will work.

Let’s call it a test of your faith.

I mean, srsly, this analogy really has wings (pardon the pun).

Flying a plane is, after all, even more socially constructed than sex, which at least has *some* sort of bio-essentialist roots, so if it works for sex, it’ll work triple for flying!!


Joe identifies as a pilot. If the CAA refuses to issue him a pilot’s license, they’re violating his human rights.

If an airline refuses to give him a job which uses the pilot-only exemptions, he can sue them for discrimination against trans pilots.


If the cis pilots try to exclude him from the cockpit, they’re exclusionary bigots who want to deny him his existence, and are probably funded by the religious right. They need to respect his identity.

#getontheplane #TransPilotsArePilots

And if people who fly as passengers get to hear of this and realise that there’s a safety issue, and the papers start reporting it, then Pink News will publish a blistering editorial accusing the media of bigotry, and trans pilots will be invited to lead Pride.