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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Right. I’ve been thinking about a prominent transactivist rogues’ gallery for a while, and this has spurred me into action.

So – this thread is a collection of quotes/images from *prominent* transwomen which demonstrate misogyny, male entitlement etc.

The purpose is to have an answer for the “you can’t judge a group by a few bad apples” brigade. This isn’t Arb Fetishist on Tumblr. These are leading lights in the movement. So feel free to contribute in this vein, but please DON’T add your collection of threats from randos.

There’s a time and a place for them, but this one is on how the prominent activists and the leaders of the movement behave. In other words, this is transactivism proper. If you insist that the majority are no harm to us, perhaps you could explain this/produce the rebuttals.

Emilia Decaudin got the New York Democrats to adopt “non-binary” rules, changing a rule which created a space for a woman to stand.

This is how Emilia talks about women who object:

Hailey Heartless, “professional transsexual dominatrix”, was one of the speakers at the Vancouver Women’s March organised by March On. (This was the same march which resulted in Ogre targeting a woman for carrying a sign).
Hailey’s opinion of women:

The handmaidens who support transactivism often display staggering levels of misogyny – they’re rarely outdone by Sally Hines, who thinks female homosexuals are ‘unshagable’ (sic).

A conversation with trans Labour Women’s Officer Lily Madigan in which Lily makes it clear that they recognise the conflict between women’s rights and trans demands and expects women to give way.

While on the subject of Lily, Lily hates swerfs and thinks sex work is empowering for women, just not for Lily.

Rachel MacKinnon, cycling World Masters Gold Medallist, thinks female homosexuality is a ‘genital hangup’, that genital preferences are transphobic, and that women to object to any of this are cockroaches. We used to call this rape culture.

No list like this would be complete without Morgane Oger, NDP politician, who has relentlessly harassed Vancouver Rape Relief. Morgane doesn’t care how any of their actions impact women, and thinks women who object are Nazis.

Oger refers to the ‘mythical biological female’ and is quite blatant about being willing to erase us – and our rape shelters, which Oger seems willing to re-educate. Gee thanks.

Libdem and Stonewall advisor Sarah Brown advocated violence against women: https://t.co/JW0NqSDI0n and has this to say to women who express views Brown doesn’t approve of:

No list would be complete without Shon Faye, public speaker and writer, telling us to enjoy our erasure. At least they’re honest.

And there’s Terrence Higgins Trust support worker Tanya Love, of course (I think this came out around the time of the Wednesday Woman furore).

Let’s not forget Danielle Muscato:

And then there’s well-known activist Zinnia Jones’ reaction to women who would like some spaces which are free of dick (talk about missing the point), and who encourages violence against ‘transphobes’.

So again, feel free to add, but we’re looking for the behaviour of the well-known.

Miraculously, I can hide replies!! So am hiding discussion – this is a reference thread – or posts about ideology or abusive attacks from non-name-brand TRAs. Not because I don’t agree, but because they belong elsewhere if this is going to be useful.

Don’t forget Riley Dennis, who doesn’t usually resort to abuse but is quite happy to explain why ‘genital preferences’ are ‘transphobic’:


And Joss Prior, who objects to accusations that ‘terf’ is dehumanising hate speech on the grounds that women who object to their politics *are* subhuman.

I’m adding Tara ‘Flik’ Wood, who assaulted Maria McLaughlin at Speakers’ Corner, not because they’re much use as an activist but because they got so much support from transactivists in spite of having premeditated an assault on a 60-year-old woman.

Wood has just challenged JK Rowling to a fight. No change in MO since assaulting Maria Mac then.

Munroe Bergdorf forbade women to refer to our reproductive systems at a Women’s March in order to be inclusive (and where but at a women’s event should we discuss these?), but isn’t above deriding women for their ‘barren wombs’ or calling us ‘hairy lesbians’.

h/t @starchanton