I’m increasingly exercised by “where…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

I’m increasingly exercised by “where to from here” for feminists. This article just highlights the slide into dystopia:


Liberal men like @NYGovCuomo apparently think farming women for profit is progressive? No, dude, it’s farming women for profit.

The right want the mother to have no rights. At least they’re honest about it. The left want to sell us in porn, prostitution and now surrogacy (and call it ‘choice’), while handing to males the few rights and facilities we have which enable us to participate in public life.

My take on the misogyny that transactivism exposed is that the rights the 2nd wave gained were real, but men’s acceptance of them was almost entirely illusory. (Yes, we know and appreciate the ones who genuinely support us).

The religious right, MRAs, TRAs, grumpy old sexists, lefty wokebeards, and their handmaidens – that’s what we’re facing. The answer to ALL their demands is NO. But isn’t it time to recognise that trying to coexist with this lot is no longer an option?

Males have NO rights to sex and NO rights to reproduction. Ever. Take it up with nature if you don’t like it. This should be basic and axiomatic for any society that claims to treat women as equal. Additional protections for our reproductive role build on top of that.

So where women are concerned, the left/liberals aren’t progressive. They’re backward, barbaric sexists trying to write chimpanzee mate-guarding behaviour into law, just like the religious right.

I think the really hardline 2nd wavers – the separatists, the Miller Gearharts et al – saw this clearly. We don’t negotiate with this. We might respond differently, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves that we’re not up against the same level of hatred of women that they were.

The next big wave will happen when we really take this on board, I think. We don’t really have an excuse any more.