I was reading a book…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

I was reading a book on something completely unrelated to Big Gender (UFOs, actually🤔) which made a brilliant point about extremely polarised popular debates where only soundbites of the most extreme positions get airplay.

The author said it boiled down to : “Either the moon is made of green cheese, or it doesn’t exist.”

That’s a perfect analogy for the TWAW shouting match, which has been reduced to “either trans women are women or we don’t want them to exist” (cue “hateful bigot” rhetoric).

It’s easy to demonstrate the misogyny of TWAW, which requires us to conflate gender identity with sex and thus obliterates women’s rights. If you feel like reading:

The counter-“argument” to this is usually wails of “you hate us and you don’t want us to exist.” Liz Truss has stood up for women, not attacked trans people, and the response is ludicrous:

Actually we think you’re men who want to live as women, and that is a category which society can and should make room for. This would be the equivalent of “the moon is a rocky sphere held in orbit around the earth by gravity”.

You exist. You have rights, as you should. And you don’t get to defy reality at women’s expense.