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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Yes, I think this is spot on. In the UK, trans people aren’t going to face eg employment discrimination because women are resisting conflating gender identity with sex.

Where this becomes important is when model legislation is needed for template human rights law. Currently the push from transactivists is complete conflation of gender identity with sex. If this is adopted in 3rd world countries it will destroy women’s rights, which are

tenuous already in some places. But it’s also necessary to protect trans, gay, GNC people in places which are still very patriarchal and where the death penalty applies. So which model wins is actually important.

This is another reason for concern about the strategy of US feminists to align with the right. It leaves the construction of such laws up to gender ideologues on what passes for the left in the US.

It would make much more sense (imo), although I think it would be much harder, at least initially, to form a left-centre coalition and push for explicit protection of trans status which does not conflict with women’s rights.

It would be playing the long game, but personally I’d go after Hillary Clinton for support. She’s already verbalised it and I’m sure she has no illusions about what transactivists will do to the Dem’s chances. Women just won’t vote for policies which remove our spaces.

Conservatives are exploiting this and will continue to do so until the ‘left’ drops the ideological purity and starts working on a balanced rights model.