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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Possibly it’s lack of sleep, but I’ve got the giggles over all these people lecturing @jk_rowling on her ignorance of trans issues. She’s not ignorant. She’s just played them like a violin and they fell for it hook line and sinker.

Talk about giving people enough rope to hang themselves. I mean, imagine you are one of her 14.5 million followers who are NOT enmeshed in the gender wars, and who assume trans means dysphoric transsexuals desperate for surgery.

So deservedly beloved and respected children’s author tweets a completely inoffensive statement that sex is real, that she loves her trans friends (surprise! we all do!) but can’t overlook the importance of sex to women and the erasure of our reality.

Which to anyone vaguely sane is COMPLETELY FUCKING UNCONTROVERSIAL!!

And like the authentic crusaders for gender justice and proud feminists that they are, the transactivists hurl this little lot at her. Buckets of it.

With more abuse hurled by wokebeards calling her transphobic scum (when they’re being polite, that is).

This in front of people who have never engaged with the trans movement before. 14.5 million of them.

I don’t know what you’d be thinking. I know what I’d be thinking, particularly if I was a dad: “No FUCKING way are that lot ever getting into the same changing rooms as my wife and daughters. EVER!”

The woman is a strategic genius. Well played, JK Rowling. You’ve shown the world exactly what this movement is about.

As the daughter of a top-notch military strategist who left mid-career to raise me, but whose best mates all had titles like Major-General and Air Chief Marshal Sir: pro tip. Don’t get on the wrong side of that woman. You will lose. Horribly.

And look what @boodleoops has posted on medium – referred to in the comments on the Times leader. No words necessary. It’s not an own goal, it’s like the entire opposing team huddling in their goal and repeatedly slamming the ball into the net.

Forgot the link :


Scroll through it to get a real flavour of the absolutely unhinged, violent, savage misogyny being hurled at this woman for her comments, which are calm, humorous and heartfelt and not at all offensive. It’s jaw-dropping. It is actually incomprehensible.

And then have a look at the responses. I think Joss Prior’s remark is a response to my including them in my rogue’s gallery. I had a to-and-fro with Prior, who was at pains to educate me about how much support JKR had lost because of her transphobia.

This is..amusing? Does Prior think the loss of support of (apparently) a bunch of psychopathic sexual sadists is..bad? And mainly, how can you be this spectacularly oblivious to how this comes across?

And mainly, how can a ‘movement’ be so overconfident or in such complete disarray that it doesn’t realise it should be doing massive damage control? Adults, many of them parents, love her books. How can you not realise what they’re thinking?