Political classes and casual abusers…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

Political classes and casual abusers of women as bigots:

JKR’s tweets and the spectacular outpouring of vicious misogynistic abuse they provoked are here:


Her essay explaining her stance is here:


It’s time you picked a side, publicly. Your choices are:
a) women’s valid concerns and a balanced approach to trans rights, or
b) the most vicious and unrestrained misogyny in a century

If you change from lazy and uncritical support of the most extreme demands of transactivists to supporting women, you owe us, and #JKRowling, a profound public apology. That is the MINIMUM we will accept for your negligence, your laziness, your betrayal of us and your sexism.

And we’ll expect you to follow through with policy changes, support, an ongoing commitment to a fair solution. Not just empty woke virtue-signalling.

Pick a side. Everybody is watching you now. And we’re not forgiving or forgetting.