My body matters more to…

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A Twitter thread by @radicalhag

My body matters more to me than your identity. I want rights and spaces which I share with people with the same kind of sexed body. I don’t understand why you think your identity makes you like me, or why you think you get to tell me what sort of brain I have.

You’ve picked a fight with me. That’s going to be the basis. You could have said “I want to be like you”. Instead you said “you are what I say you are and I will tell you what spaces you may have.”

Yeah, well we’ve heard that before, lots of times. The answer is what it’s always been. No. Fuck off. I don’t exist to validate you.

I really don’t understand how arguments against this are ‘feminist’. Bodies are not really spectrummy, bcos reproduction. Brains are. We want spaces for our reproductive class of body, also sports, political lists etc, so that we can use our brains to the full.

If you think that reduces us to our bodies you’re a misogynist who hates women’s bodies. If you think women are a type of personality you’re an old fashioned sexist.

Saying we have no bodily differences from men is declaring open season on us and destroys all the gains of feminism,which is about enabling people with our class of body to be free to go out in the world.

If you need to campaign for facilities for people who want to live and present as the opposite sex, by all means do. If you think destroying women’s rights is the way to achieve this, you’re a misogynist and dick-panderer.

This isn’t complicated. You’re trying to pretend it’s all ‘nuanced’ and above women’s pay grade so you don’t have to admit what a massive sexist plonker you’re being.

If you’re male and trying to pretend that you have a better understanding of what women are than women do, fuck off. Shove your pretentious mansplainy OfWooWoo piffle. This is what you need to know.